The 10 Funniest Programmer T Shirts (We could find on the internet)

So you might be a developer or know someone who is, then you know coding is quite the lifestyle. Because whether it is working in tech, at a hackathon or programming for fun, it can be needs full focus and dedication. But on the other hand you have to also laugh at your job and lifestyle so we searched the web and found what we consider the 10 funniest programmer T Shirts on the market! 

How we do research

It s very simple, we search through all the printing platforms and webshops to find you the best designs, so you don't have to. We researched multiple website such as etsy, amazon, teespring, cafepress etc to find the funniest T-Shirt. And while humor is objective it is rather easy to find what works well within a niche such as programmers. All the platforms and shop mentions use decent quality fabrics and regular sizing so don't worry about that. So enjoy!

It Works on my Machine

Almost every programmer has run into this situation. A colleague, client or boss reports a bug or can’t get something to work and when you go back to your machine to reproduce it, it seems to work fine. The problem is not always in the code. Therefore we love this design because of the simple sentence that is used a lot as developer “well, it works on my pc”. The added character build meme just finishes it off.

I Need a Break

A clever work joke but at the same time a gentle reminder that work is not everything and breaks are important as a programmer. For those of you who don’t know code the
is a line break element that ends the line so you can start going further on the next line. So in short if you want a break, then use for
within HTML code and use this shirt to make clear you need a physical break.

Open Sourcerer

How about another clever word joke? Every developer loves open source and even businesses such as Microsoft are starting to embrace it. So it is rather obvious that there should be T-Shirt embracing open source. We love the print on this one, not only that you will get to be known as the Open Sourcerer but also the fact that the Sourceror displayed is pixalated and a meme in it self.

Time to Git Paid

Almost every developer users Git as it just works! It is the perfect way to track changes and keep an overview of all the versions. But you know what is also important besides writing your code and creating something cool? Getting paid! On this T Shirt you will leave a light suggestions that part of work is getting paid. It is maybe not perfect in a meeting with a client but it should get a good laugh at the workfloor.

I need a Coffee - Shirt

All day writing code can be tireing, and besides breaks mentioned above coffee is another good way to keep your focus. This shirt combines the best of both world, code and coffee! Because it is simple, if the coffee cup is empty then you need a cup refill. Sometimes you wish that code would automate the process of making and getting coffee but imagine wearing this shirt while going for a coffee break with your colleagues, pretty on point!

Programmer Definition -Shirt

It is always fun to remind the people around you that what you do is really important and really hard to do, just to give a nice boost to your image. This shirt gives a fun definition of a programmer, developer or coder what explains that we are problem solvers of “problems you didn’t know you had in a way you don’t understand”. It is now only a joke but also very true in a lot of cases because people don’t understand code or a development process. Oh and the definition is quite similar to a wizard or magician.

No Internet T-Rex - Shirt

We love this shirt for multiple reasons. First of all it is a reference to Google Chrome. Everyone who has used the browser while having no internet might have come across the small easteregg game that loads up in the tab, you are a small T-Rex that has to jump over plants and duck below birds. Often when the internet is down it is the perfect way to pass time and still have good time. The other reason is the obvious reference to the most famous dinosaur movie of all time, a great combination!

Blood Type C++ - Shirt

As a developer, you will likely know that the programming language C and the standard C++ is one of the oldest languages in the book. And even today it is still the basis for a lot of software that is built. You might love other upcoming languages like python but C++ can always be a an option, maybe you are quite the fan of C++. In that case this T-Shirt is perfect for you, show people around you what you love!

Will Code for Beer

If you are a beer lover and you are a developer than there is a simple tradeoff. Code for beer. This funny shirt should get a few laughs around any office or birthday party, whether they are IT professionals or not. We love the detailed design with the beer bottle on the side. It looks like a fun causal shirt from afar and holds a good joke when you reed it. 

It's not a Bug

Almost every developer has encountered this. The tester or client comes back to you saying something doesn’t work, but on further inspections, they really are not requesting a fix for a bug but asking something completely new they expect, a feature. This T-Shirt might help getting the message across the distinction between a bug and a feature so that you as a programmer get exactly what you expect.

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