What Video Editing Software Does Casey Neistat Use?

Casey Neistat uses Final Cut Pro X to edit videos for his YouTube channel. Neistat and many other creators use Final Cut Pro X due to its ease of use. As with many Apple products, Final Cut Pro X has a streamlined interface and performs well on MacBook laptops. 

New users should have no problem navigating the menus and editing their first videos. Users can quickly edit clips, apply effects, and upload the finished videos to YouTube. Unlike Adobe Premiere Pro, it is also available as a one-time purchase instead of requiring a subscription.

What Makes Final Cut Pro X Popular for YouTube Editing?

Casey Neistat has stated that he continues to use Final Cut Pro X out of habit, as he has used the software for many years and is not interested in learning how to use a different option. However, Final Cut Pro X also offers an intuitive interface and timeline that he and others enjoy using to quickly edit videos. 

Final Cut Pro X is streamlined for ease of use but does not offer as wide of a range of tools compared to Adobe Premiere Pro. With fewer tools, new users can jump in and start editing with less of a learning curve.

As with most video editing software, Final Cut Pro X has a timeline and the ability to import multiple audio and video clips. You can cut, paste, and move clips on the timeline and apply basic effects. 

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The simplicity of Final Cut Pro X allows you to spend less time editing and more time creating quality content. For example, Casey Neistat uses a time-lapse video in his intro, which can be added in seconds by adjusting the duration of the video clip.

Neistat also frequently uses the pull-back effect. As with time-lapse, you can include a pull-back reveal transition with just a few clicks of the mouse. These features allow Neistat to edit a lot of footage in a short period of time to create fast-paced, engaging videos. 

Final Cut Pro X is an Apple product and only available for Macs. However, it is optimized for the MacOS operating system. While it can still crash when editing large video files, crashes tend to occur less frequently on older Macs compared to using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Despite having fewer built-in tools compared to Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X offers access to hundreds of third-party plugins. It remains a well-rounded, stable option for Mac users.

Top Features of Final Cut Pro X 

The main feature of Final Cut Pro X is its Magnetic Timeline for video editing. You can move and trim clips without worrying about syncing or collisions, giving you more flexibility to experiment with the arrangement of your clips. You can also group video and audio clips to move them around as a single package. 

Final Cut Pro X also comes with several hassle-free tools for improving the quality of your video, including professional color grading tools and built-in effects. 

The audio tools are another highlight of this software, as Final Cut Pro X allows you to edit multiple audio tracks and quickly remove background noise. 

How to Get Final Cut Pro X

Apple does not use a subscription model for Final Cut Pro X. You need to purchase it from the Apple App Store as a one-time purchase. It currently costs $299.99, which is the equivalent of about 15 months of a subscription to Adobe Premiere Pro. While the upfront cost is higher, Final Cut Pro X becomes the more valuable choice over time. 

To install Final Cut Pro X, you need a computer or laptop with MacOS 10.15.6 or later and at least 2.9GB of free space. It should run on any MacBook Pro or MacBook Air with 4GB or more of RAM. 

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